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Member Benefits in Boston, Massachusetts


Receive the rewards you deserve for your admirable services. BASAS Boston Association of School Administrators and Supervisors offers great member benefits in Boston, Massachusetts. Unite with us as we provide comprehensive educational and administrative services for our local public schools.

BASAS Member Benefits Summary

Members are reimbursed a one-time sum of $150 toward the cost of a will preparation or updating. Contact Zaharoff & Zaharoff™ at 1-617-566-5585. Present your receipted bill from Zaharoff & Zaharoff to BASAS for your $150 reimbursement.

American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA)

Every BASAS member is automatically a member of AFSA. Benefits available to you through AFSA are explained in the AFSA News, which is mailed to your home by AFSA. The phone number is 1-800-354-AFSA.

Administrator, Member Benefits in Boston, MA

Accidental Death Insurance

One basic benefit you get from AFSA is $10,000 worth of no-cost accidental death insurance. To be eligible for this benefit you must complete, sign, and mail the beneficiary form to the address below:

Dept. BEN, 1101 17th st N.W.
Suite 408,
Washington DC 20036-4720

It is recommended that new BASAS members complete this task immediately.

Legal Services

Visit Union Plus™ Legal Services webpage at Union Plus to register and obtain attorney information.

Benefits include:
• Free Lawyer Consultation & Review
• Free Initial Consultation
• Free Simple Document Review
• Free Follow-Up Services
• 30% Discount for Services

When you contact an attorney you must tell them you are a BASAS member participating in the Union Privilege Legal Service Program.

 Contact us in Boston, Massachusetts, for more information about the member benefits we offer.